About the Company

Hospitality Specialists, Inc.’s corporate management team has a combined 150 years of experience in the hospitality industry. We believe that gives our company a leading edge in providing key leadership responsibilities to ensure success. Hospitality Specialists, Inc. offers a variety of services to support the hotels, including accounting, payroll, capital improvements, renovations and operations.

Hospitality Specialists, Inc. provides centralized accounting services using M3 accounting software for all hotels it manages, resulting in lower administrative payroll cost to the hotel and more accurate, informative and timely financial information. The central accounting office closely monitors daily accounting reports, supervises payroll processing, prepares monthly Profit & Loss statements, prepares monthly bank reconciliations, files sales and use tax returns, pays all invoices and manages hotel cash.

The development department handles new construction projects as well as all capital improvements and renovations. The team has extensive experience in the coordination of large and small projects and well as working with various brand requirements and local ordinances.

Hospitality Specialists, Inc. has vast experience in the operations department with budget creation, implementation and carefully setting and monitoring meaningful cost controls. The reporting and review structure incorporate budget information and forecasting to provide a proactive approach. All line items on the budget are monitored from payroll to sales to maintenance to administration. Sales & Marketing are key areas of support to create the blueprints for revenue generation. Rate maximization via Revenue Management/Yield Management is an integral part of our operations strategy. The company is well-versed in all areas of personnel regulations dealing with issues, such as Cobra, FMLA, ADA, OSHA, and Labor Law. Hospitality Specialists, Inc. provides, and encourages, on-going training opportunities.

Hospitality Specialists, Inc. is recognized as a highly qualified and experienced hotel operator by the Hilton Hotel Corporation; Marriott International, Inc.; Inter Continental Hotels; Wyndham; Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide; the Cendant Corporation; and the Hyatt Corporation.